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Eve - a web-based agent platform

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Eve is a multipurpose, web-based agent platform. Eve envisions to be an open and dynamic environment where agents can live and act anywhere: in the cloud, on smartphones, on desktops, in browsers, robots, home automation devices, and others. The agents communicate with each other using simple, existing protocols (JSON-RPC) over existing transport layers (HTTP, XMPP), offering a language and platform agnostic solution. Discover more in the concepts section.

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Effectively, Eve can be implemented in any language that has good library support for JSON-RPC. Currently there are two main implementations of Eve:

There is extensive documentation for each of the implementations available on this website.


Why software agents?
Designing robust, distributed software systems is notoriously hard. At the same time, humans are pretty good at distributing work among themselves and forming robust organizations and/or teams. Designing and using software agents is inspired by such human organizations, making software designs fit closer to our collective experience, providing a boost in stability, scalability and maintainability of the software system.

Eve aims to make it very easy to use the concept of software agents in your projects. The main reasons for using software agents is to achieve various goals:

Through it's service-offering architecture, Eve offers agents that are very simple to develop. You can also turn your existing APIs into software agents, allowing your API to be accessed asynchronous,

Open source

Eve is an open platform, and it is encouraged to help extending the platform by providing new libraries with agents, or create implementations in other programming languages, or improve existing code. One of the key issues for the platform to be successful is that it needs to be accessible, open, and easy to implement for any developer in any development environment.

Offering the software as open source is a logic result of the aims for openness and collaborative development.

About us

Eve is being developed by Almende, a Dutch research company specialized in information and communication technologies. At the core of all Almende solutions are hybrid agent networks: humans and computers working together. Almende looks towards agent technology to develop smart software that truly supports people in organizing their own lives.

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